Project “Film at school”

is an opportunity for Georgian pupils to be educated in sphere of cinematography, it develops skill of analysis of an audio-visual creature. “Film at schools” has been implementing since 2014 year and within this period it has covered 600 school of the country. Project also gives an opportunity to youth to watch an interesting movie, write review, participate in discussion, meet famous directors, actors, screenwriters etc. Foreseeing the fact that for European Union it is a priority to bring a cinematography in educational plan of schools, our project was accepted by partners from Europe and together, we have won grant in the frames of Creative Europe’s Subprogram – Media. As a result, this web-site was created. It will support project’s participant or non-participant schools, pupils, teachers, parents or anyone who has a wish to create cinema club. Web-site gives an opportunity to take an advantage of our resources: Films which were chosen especially for youth generation and educational materials. Web-site also allows visitors to have discussion, take part in competitions or in many interesting activities in the frames of project. Do not miss a chance, join us, create your own school’s film club.

The project “Film at School” is implemented by Georgian National Film Center with financial support of Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia.


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Project of Georgian National Film Center "Film at