A project of Georgian National Film Center “Cinema at Schools” starts a new season. Regarding that there was held a press-conference at the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. Conferential was attended by The Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia Mr. Mikheil Giorgadze, Deputy of Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Lia Gigauri and Director of Georgian National Film Center Zurab Magalashvili. Project “Films at Schools” has educational purposes. Its aim is to develop critical thinking, ability of judgement and creative skills of pupils. Project is implemented since 2014 and it offers news during each season. For this season the main news is that, project is going to collaborate more intensive with ministry of education and science of Georgia in frame of “Free Lessons” program, which means that screenings will be held with cinema missioners and with school teachers together. “Cinema missioners”, who are already involved in the project will coordinate and support school teachers to achieve required qualification and skills. This is the way to have competent personnel, who will be able to carry out activities of cinema clubs independently after our project will be over. They will be qualified enough to take care of cinema clubs and cultural development of youth in the Country. Project “Cinema at Schools” is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia. For now, there are 217 schools and every region of country participating in the project, including the conflict regions and the villages near the occupation line, and villages in high mountains too.