Project “Film at school” has started new season. Tomorrow, on 19th April director George Ovashvili will join “cinema missioners”. His film “The Other Bank” has won several international rewards. Exactly this movie will be screened tomorrow in schools of Akhmeta and Pankisi valley, it will be followed by a discussion. Audience will be from several schools of Akhmeta. Screening in Pankisi Valley is scheduled at Duisi educational center. Pupils from following schools will attend the screening: Birkiani, Jokolo, Dumasturi, Kvareltskali, sakobiani. Visit of George Ovashvili to the region of Kakheti is supported by the regional development service center of Kakheti. “Film at school” is a educational-cognitive project, which is oriented on the popularization of cinematograph. Main aim of the project is to develop critical thinking and creative skills of young generation. Project is supported by Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection and Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.